Bits and pieces of my research on Facebook

Who I Follow


File details:

  • semicolon-separated CSV file;
  • 971 records;
  • 5 columns: year of birth, gender, relationship status (“-1” means missing data), code for hometown size, code for location size;
  • the codes for location sizes are available here (it’s in SPSS’s sps format, but it’s plain text).
The data is available for download here.

Relationship status changes

File details:

  • TAB-separated CSV file;
  • 1047 users, 1288 records;
  • 4 columns: USER ID, FROM, TO, DATE;
  • a cell in FROM colum may be set to “unset” (and, actually, usually is). This indicates a change from no status at all to a status indicated in TO column;
  • the DATE cell has Facebook’s timestamp format (e.g. “2010-12-27T11:17:18+0000”).

The data is available for download here.